Axel Valdez

Design Engineer

Quick check-in on social media


Musk has made it really easy not to go back to Twitter. Props for that.

Threads is slowly creeping into being a true replacement for Twitter, toxicity and all. It may come as a surprise to no one that the problem isn’t the platform, but the people pouring their shit into it.

Instagram is still the one app I’m using to go watch ads with scattered updates from my friends.

This quote from Leif K-Brooks, Omegle’s Founder is spot on and feels painfully prophetical:

I worry that, unless the tide turns soon, the Internet I fell in love with may cease to exist, and in its place, we will have something closer to a souped-up version of TV – focused largely on passive consumption, with much less opportunity for active participation and genuine human connection.

See you on the other side (after the ad break).

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