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Yet another post on leaving social media


I used to believe that social media kept me connected to the people I love, like, and enjoy, but I now realize that this couldn't be further from the truth. Although social media gives me the impression that I'm in touch with many individuals, broadcasting random thoughts and out-of-context ideas ultimately leads to a lack of genuine communication. The worst thing is that this false sense of connection provides me with temporary satisfaction that prevents me from forming real connections with the people I care about.

By social media I mean Twitter, Instagram, BeReal, and all of those applications where we share content publicly or semi-publicly. WhatsApp, for example, does not fit my definition of a social network, much like a phone is not considered a social app.

But understanding this doesn’t make stopping using social apps any easier. The second I stop doing something and lay back, my fingers start trying to tap Twitter or Instagram. When I’m bored, my first instinct is not to look for something to watch on TV or listen to, but to open Instagram and swipe through the latest stories of my contacts.

Right now I think the only way to stop is to treat it like an addiction, stop for a while and survive the withdrawal. (Fear of Missing Out) is a powerful force. I guesstimate that after a couple of weeks, the habit will start fading away.

I am stopping for a month to give the habit a chance to start going away. If everything goes smoothly, I won’t need to go back to social media after the month has passed. If it doesn’t, I will still keep my promise to endure the full month.

During this month, I intend to consume more high-quality content. I have around 10 books waiting, and I'm eager to read all of them. Additionally, I will make an effort to have more meaningful interactions with people, face-to-face or at least one-on-one.

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