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This weekend I was browsing HBO while procrastinating on watching Westworld (it needs oh-so-much attention, which I’m lacking lately), when I stumbled upon Barry, a black comedy TV series starring Bill Hader (yes, Stefon), and produced by him and Alec Berg (Silicon Valley, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld).

I decided to watch a couple episodes to see what’s was going on with it, and I got hooked. Simple story, subtle humor, and Bill Hader giving a very good performance (but still making weird faces).

I binged the first season (8 episodes), and I was always waiting for that moment the plot breaks, as in almost every light comedy tv series that think that the genre is a pretext to take shortcuts and easy fixes for tricky situations. Well, that moment never came up, and I’m so happy about it. The situation of the main characters turns darker and more desperate with each episode, without toning the comedy down. That’s refreshing.

(I tried my best not to spoil anything in the previous paragraph)

Anyway, I’m writing this here to recommend you go watch it. I like comedy TV series, I love the dark tones on this one, and I like Bill Hader very, very much. I’m super happy I ended up loving Barry.