Making music

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This month I started making some music on my computer. I started with samples, but then I jumped into Cubase (I had a licence lying around, courtesy of my Zoom recorder) and started playing with midi and software instruments.

I’m still very self-conscious about it, but I decided I will share everything I create from now on, so I uploaded everything to SoundCloud.

At the moment of writing this, there are three songs published:

Millionaires & Movie Gods & Rockstars, the very first one. I made it sampling the drums of “El ciclón” by Café Tacvba and the bassline of “Sunshine of your love” by Cream, adjusted tempos then slapped in a piece of one of Tyler Durden’s nihilist speeches on Fight Club.

Funk Yeah. I found a very cool and very funky bassline and made a drum beat for it in adobe audition, using a drum sounds collection I stumbled upon. Then I added a few bits and pieces of guitar riffs and vocals.

Dead Presidents started with a drum beat that was originally intended to be a cumbia beat, but it was not quite there. Then I added a loop that sounds like a marimba and those super cool vocals. This is the one I’m the happiest with so far.

The three pieces are very basic, but they make me so happy.

I’m currently devouring tutorials on YouTube and starting to learn music theory. I really need to get a midi keyboard now, and maybe go outside with the Zoom recorder getting audio bits, Manu Chao style (lol, but not joking).

Update: my cumbia beat came through!

Thanks for listening!