Resources for Landing Pages

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At work, I’m constantly making landing pages for our campaigns. Until recently, we used Unbounce for its speed, even though I’ve never liked WYSIWYG interfaces.

The problem with Unbounce, though, is that the resulting pages are not truly responsive, and at some sizes they can become a little awkward.

My solution was developing a website with Jekyll + Bootstrap, plus a few custom styles, and deploying it in a subdomain hosted at Netlify. I’m fairly proficient at writing code, and Netlify’s deploy process is delightfully simple.

Now, the next problem for speeding up the process was finding inspiration for those landing pages. They’re short-lived and, even though they obviously need to be brand-aligned and follow certain conventions defined by my digital marketing team, their visual design usually favors impact over consistency between them.

I’ve been using these resources to get inspiration and visual elements to use on my landing pages. If you’re in a similar situation, I’m sure they will be useful for you too:

Visual/Structure inspiration:

Land-book – the finest hand-picked website inspirations
Land Book is focused on landing pages. You can even make an account and save your favorites for future reference.

One Page Love – One Page Website Inspiration and Templates
Not focused on landing pages, but on single-page websites. Anyway, you can find very good works and a ton of references and inspiration here.


Open source illustrations, free to use in both personal and commercial projects. You can even customize colors.

DrawKit – Beautiful free illustrations
Free Illustrations, MIT-Licensed.

Humaaans: Mix-&-Match illustration library
Mix-and-match illustrations of people. For use with Sketch.

Do you have any other resource you use for landing pages? Send me a tweet and I will include it here!