What I watched during March, 2020.

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At the start of the month, I decided to keep a media log with all the TV series and movies I watch. Here’s the report for March, 2020, including a small comment for every entry, which by the way, may contain spoilers.

Narcos Mexico
I feel that they went too far on fictionalizing the story. I understand why (this is not a documentary), but the main reason for me to watch it was the references and information on stuff that happened right on the region I’ve lived for my whole life.

I Am Not OK With This 
I liked it. Reminded me of The end of the f***ing world, but with relatable characters. Not sure yet if it’s going to become a superhero kinda thing, but I’d definitely watch a second season.

Sex Education (two seasons)
I loved this one. It’s like a teen movie, but with really well written characters, stories and a bunch of drama without sacrificing the humor. Can’t wait for a third season.

Get Out
Great setup, predictable twist, shitty ending.
They went great lengths to build up on suspense, only to switch everything up to a Scooby Doo episode for the third act. Underwhelming.

Killing Them Softly
Never got me. No likable characters to get attached to, depressing settings, lame story. I finished it just by pride. 

Horse Girl
A very cool and confusing story about a mental breakdown. Or is it? I liked it a lot. 

The Twilight Zone 2019
My expectations were high on this one. The first episode seemed silly, but I loved the second (the one with the plane and the podcast). From there all went downhill. Too silly, too childish, even for The Twilight Zone.

This is Where I Leave You
A light dramedy about adulthood and family. Exactly what you expect from anything with Jason Bateman: light, fun, no emotional investment.

Uncut Gems
Very stressful, don’t watch this to relax, you wont. I don’t like Adam Sandler very much, but his acting here is fire.

The platform 
Very, very good and entertaining dystopian horror with a take on social disparity. 

A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmaggeddon
Super fun (as usual) and full of cool references. I like that they don’t really have dialogs, only grunts and noises, and I can watch then with my kids without Spanish dubbing. 

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
A rewatch of one of my favorites ever. I always try to untangle the chronology in my mind, and always fail. I love everything about this movie.

I’m also watching season 5 of Better Call Saul, and mindlessly rewatching stuff like Brooklyn Nine Nine just to keep noise in the background or to fall asleep.

What are you watching? Let’s talk about it!